All donations received from you go directly to all of our server funds. In no way do we use your money for our personal use. Once you donate, you will not be able to get a refund, hence the "donate" part. Please be sure to read our Terms of Agreement before donating. You must be ONLINE when donating receive your package! Failing to do so will result in not receiving your package! Website: http://picniccraft.info/ FAQ: Q. How long should i wait after i donated for a rank/item/etc..? A. Depending on where you live , maxiumum 5 minutes. If it takes longer, please contact a staff member on the server. Q. Where would my donation money go? A. All Donations go towards helping the server costs. Q. How about if i give you my credit card details and you take more than the purchase amount? A. Us, PicnicCraft do NOT receive anyones information, Buycraft takes the credit card details and we only get the amount Buycraft gives us